Innovative designs for sustainable, advanced water treatment

PWN Technologies: innovation engine in water treatment

PWN Technologies provides innovative solutions in drinking water treatment to utilities around the world. We offer a wide variety of advanced solutions that have already been proven, validated and implemented.

PWN Technologies is a subsidiary of the Dutch water supply company PWN. We know all about drinking water production, which makes us different from other solution providers. Operational profits are reinvested in our R&D programmes to develop new efficient and sustainable solutions.

PWN Technologies is an innovation engine in water treatment. One that can solve the challenges of water supply companies, offering innovative solutions including suspended ion exchange treatment, ceramic membrane applications and advanced oxidation. In addition we also provide sustainable solutions for drinking water production in emerging countries.

PWN Technologies is located in the Netherlands and Singapore.

2013 report and 2014 perspectives

Partner in Water Supply

PWN Technologies is a subsidiary of water supply company PWN, a social enterprise operating on a non profit basis and fully owned by the province of North Holland.

Where existing state of the art techniques proved to be insufficient, PWN developed innovative treatment techniques to guarantee top quality drinking water.

PWN Technologies was founded to make these innovations available to other water companies.

Innovative Solutions

PWN Technologies conducts its activties through the following business lines:


2-6 March 2015

American Membrane Technology Association Conference

Orlando Florida, United States

Jumeng Zheng speaks on “Ceramic microfiltration for treating secondary wastewater effluent: influence of pre-treatment on the operational performance”

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